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What is NILS?

No interest and no charges, EVER

Washing machine broke down? Unexpected car repairs? Car registration due? Need a new laptop for work or school? Moving and need support with bond or rent in advance?

Unexpected expenses are bound to pop up from time to time. NILs help you manage your money and you only pay back what you borrow, nothing more.

LECNA - Loans

How does NILS work

Once your application is approved, submit your invoice and NILs will pay the cost of these essentials straight to the supplier/shop. Loans cannot be used for cash, bills or debts.

How much can I borrow?

No Interest Loans (NILs) enable people and families access to fair, safe and affordable credit to purchase essential goods and services up to the maximum value of $2000.

For certain loan purposes such as bond and rent in advance, or in circumstances where you have been impacted by a natural disaster we may be able to provide up to $3000.

Contact us today to check your eligibility and start your No Interest Loan application [email protected] or 07 3808 4529.

Am I eligible?

  • Have a Heath Care Card / Pension Card
  • OR Earn less than $70,000 annual income (before tax) as a single person or $100,000 annual income (before tax) if you have a partner or children
  • OR Have experienced family or domestic violence in the last 10 years
  • AND You can show you can afford to repay the loan.

What can I use a loan for?

Borrow up to $2000 for essential goods and services including:

· Household items like appliances, whitegoods & furniture

· Car repairs & registration

· Medical, dental, wellbeing and life event expenses

· Technology like a phone or laptop

· Education expenses like fees or uniforms

· Employment expenses like licenses or equipment

Borrow up to $3,000 for:

· Bond & rent in advance

· Rates

· Costs associated with a natural disaster

Loans are paid directly to the supplier and cannot be used to repay debt(s) or for ongoing general living expenses like food.

How long do I have to repay my loan?

The maximum loan repayment term is 24 months.

How do I apply?

Contact us on [email protected] or 07 3808 4529 today to check your eligibility and start your application.

We’re here for our community

We also offer a volunteer programs, no interest loans and student placements. We host a market day 4 to 5 times a year and provide space for local gatherings and meetings. Everything we do is aimed at helping our community to build better lives for everyone.