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Logan East Community Neighbourhood Association

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Building Better Lives

LECNA is the Logan East Community Neighbourhood Centre and our purpose is to help improve the lives of everyone in our community. We do this by encouraging social participation and community engagement at our Logan East Community Centre.

We provide information, advice and referrals, emergency assistance, developmental programs, mediation and other relevant services within the local community.

The Logan Community Centre providing the help you need

We want to give you a sense of belonging and an awareness that someone has your back and is ready to help when needed. Someone who will listen to your problems, provide assistance and advice, and generally make a big difference to your life.

Build a better life with us

That’s why the Logan East Community Neighbourhood Centre in Springwood provides a wide range of services for everyone. Our aim is to empower you to make your life and the lives of your family, friends and community happier and more productive. When you connect with us, you feel as if you’re joining a real family who cares – the LECNA family.

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Social Connection support

We provide you with social connections and practical support. This can take the form of referring you to professionals who can help you to become financially independent or learn the skills and strategies you need to create more positive communications and relationships with your family, friends, employers and community. We have a number of counsellors available onsite.

We also provide parenting tips for engaging with 0-5 year old children, loans at no interest rates (preventing further debt and the chance to become debt free), and the skills you need to help find employment.

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Financial support

The Logan East Community Centre offers No Interest Loans (NILs) for emergency funds affordable mediation, personal development programs and even Christmas hampers. We also provide a financial counsellor to help you reduce your debt, as well as social groups like card playing group, Bingo, children’s play groups and school holiday activities.

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The Life Skills program has helped me improve my communication and relationships with others. I stop and think before reacting and it makes a big difference.

LECNA is one of the quiet achievers of Logan. They go about the business of supporting the community without requiring acclamation. A gentle team of dedicated workers.

LECNA provides an excellent, great value venue and the bookings officer goes above and beyond, is organised, friendly and efficient.

We’re here for our community

We also offer a volunteer programs, no interest loans and student placements. We host a market day 4 to 5 times a year and provide space for local gatherings and meetings. Everything we do is aimed at helping our community to build better lives for everyone.