We seek individual, community and corporate support to deliver our life changing services, events and programs and achieve our vision of a community hub in the Springwood of the future.


Are you a local business or professional, passionate about your community and wanting to see it thrive?  Becoming a Logan East Community Champion is an excellent way to give back to your community and help build better lives.  LECNA (established 1990) has had on average, 39, 000 people through our doors per year over the last 3 years, you can hear more about the centre here.  Our services and programs are abating social isolation for people at risk of depression and/or suicide, enabling people to avoid crippling debt and empowering people to make decisions to transform their lives for the better.  Our very existence creates a space for people to participate and contribute to community life and feel a sense of belonging to something.  Tax deductible donations $1000+ will give you the opportunity to attend 2-3 exclusive Logan East Community Champion networking events a year and acknowledge you or your business in multiple ways to the local community.

Amount What it achieves Recognition
$1000.00 This will help build better lives for 35 individual community members.  This will have the flow on effect of positively impacting on the lives of their family and friends. Name listed on LECNA website and 2-3 social media promotions per year.
$5000.00+ 35 individuals will be helped to build better lives per $1000 donated.  175 people will be empowered to build better lives which will also impact their family and community with a $5000 donation. Listed on website, ad or free promotion in newsletter, one social media post a month, plaque for your business and on wall in function center which sees approx. 24, 000 people through per annum.

Please contact Gillian on 3808 4529 or 0409 267 040 for more information and go here.  To see a similar program that supports another excellent local community center, please go here.


  • Support the provision of food parcels and basic emergency relief for atleast 35 individuals in need.
  • Supplement our subsidised mediation program, free counselling and ten week Life Skills Education course that helps build better lives.
  • Support continuing the delivery of LECNA’s excellent social inclusion programs including our playgroup, craft group, create-a-card, seniors cards and Butterfly Wings which provides people with purpose and a sense of belonging.

Become a Logan East Community Champion now:  Make a tax deductible donation (minimum $1000) to:

Logan East Community Neighbourhood Association

BSB: 638070 Account: 3626911.  Please use your surname as a reference.  Please email if you make a donation.


Attending and promoting throughout your networks our regular fundraising events:  Our monthly prize Bingo (third Friday of every month) and our bi-monthly market days (which will be promoted via our facebook page) is one great way to support our centre.  We also have plants for sale and a 50c trolley with clothes and other items available throughout the week.  We also plan to have specific online fundraising appeals during the year, with our next big one in the lead up to Christmas to support our Christmas hamper program for families in need.

Tax deductible donations of any amount up to $1000 are invited throughout the year here.  People will be provided with a receipt.  Funds donated will particularly go towards the provision of fruit and vegetables as part of our Emergency Relief offerings for individual and families going through a hard time.

We are here to help, but more than anything, we are here to connect people in to their community, to each other and create the space for them to be empowered and initiate the change they want to see in the world.


The Logan region is an area of disadvantage, with 53.7% of the postcodes with a Socio-Economic Index for Areas below 5. Logan was identified as a higher risk region for domesic and family violence in the “Not Now, Not Ever” report. Springwood and the region we support is not immune to common community challenges including family breakdown, unemployment, homelessness, alcohol and other drugs dependence, depression and anxiety and debt accrual. We are here to help, but more than anything, we are here to connect people in to their community, to each other and create the space for them to be empowered and initiate the change they want to see in the world.

Our ER and loans programs enable people in financial hardship to get back on their feet. ER clients are often very socially excluded. They report high rates of mental and physical health problems, disabilities, legal difficulties, and often lack of family and community support. Connecting with us is a soft entry into referrals for other support both internally and externally. Our life changing loans schemes allow people to not become victims of the 39 pay-day lenders in the Logan region, that put people into further debt. Our social inclusion and health programs have been initiated by local residents and connect community members in a fun and safe environment. Our Life Skills Education program has been running in various iterations for over 20 years and has quite simply helped change people’s lives. From participants getting their children back, reconnecting with family and friends and making healthier choices, this ten week program is fantastic and highly recommended. We engage parents/carers and young people locally through our various programs and new friendships are formed, skills are learnt and people get inspired.

Building Better Lives!

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