We seek individual, community and corporate support to deliver our life changing services, events and programs and achieve our vision of a community hub in the Springwood of the future.

As of March 2018, we are seeking funding for:

  • Sustaining, growing and funding our Life Skills Education Program for the next 12 months, including ability to deliver to target population groups: $80, 000
  • Supporting the delivery of no-interest loans in the Logan region and beyond: $8000
  • Provision of fruit and vegetables as part of the Emergency Relief offerings for 12 months: $6000
  • Christmas Hampers: $20, 000
  • Renew LECNA project: Research, consultations, reporting and funds for new program delivery: $15, 000


  • The revitalisation of LECNA as a community hub for advocacy, services, activities and community events in the Springwood of the future.
  •  A new facility that encourages participation and delivers programs, services, information and referrals to meet the needs of the burgeoning community – comprised largely of young families, many of migrant background.

Individual Contributions

Donatons are tax deducable and much appreciated. Individuals are invited to partcipate in our Patron’s of LECNA program. This is a group of socially conscious individuals and businesses who are commited to supportng and enhancing the lives of vulnerable people in the community through their $1000 annual donation.

Patrons can choose whether their donation will go towards funds to cover costs of those listed above. Alternately, they can nominate that they want their donation to specifcally be used to supplement our Emergency Relief program for people at risk of homelessness, such as funding emergency accommodation or assisting with one-off low cost rent shortages to stop people losing their homes and entering into a cycle of homelessness. Patrons contributions will be acknowledged on our website and through our networks. Patrons will have the opportunity to connect and network with local interesting, like- minded individuals and business people from your community at relaxed func ons twice a year. Please call Gillian on 3808 4529.

Community Support

  • We encourage the use of our function room and board room for hire. Please call 38084529 to enquire and make a booking.
  • Are you interested in learning more about our unique and effective ten week life-skills education program, whether to learn to deliver it within your organisation or potentially have us come and deliver to a cohort of your clients? We would be happy to explore fee-for-service options with you. Please contact Gillian on 3808 4529.
  • Do you have a skill to share or a program idea you think would be excellent and me and energy to deliver it? We would love to hear from you. Call Julie on 3808 4529.

Corporate Support

Through our events, newsletters, social media and foot traffic through the centre, we have exposure to over 50, 000 locals a year. This is an excellent opportunity to promote your local business, while having the peace of mind that you are supporting your local community.

Corporate sponsorship are business donations of in-kind or monetary support over $5000 and range from gold, silver and bronze sponsorship levels that affect your advertising opportunities.

We would greatly appreciate local business support and would be very interested in exploring this with you. Please call Gillian on 0409 267 040 for more information and to arrange a meeting.

We are here to help, but more than anything, we are here to connect people in to their community, to each other and create the space for them to be empowered and initiate the change they want to see in the world.


The Logan region is an area of disadvantage, with 53.7% of the postcodes with a Socio-Economic Index for Areas below 5. Logan was identified as a higher risk region for domesic and family violence in the “Not Now, Not Ever” report. Springwood and the region we support is not immune to common community challenges including family breakdown, unemployment, homelessness, alcohol and other drugs dependence, depression and anxiety and debt accrual. We are here to help, but more than anything, we are here to connect people in to their community, to each other and create the space for them to be empowered and initiate the change they want to see in the world.

Our ER and loans programs enable people in financial hardship to get back on their feet. ER clients are often very socially excluded. They report high rates of mental and physical health problems, disabilities, legal difficulties, and often lack of family and community support. Connecting with us is a soft entry into referrals for other support both internally and externally. Our life changing loans schemes allow people to not become victims of the 39 pay-day lenders in the Logan region, that put people into further debt. Our social inclusion and health programs have been initiated by local residents and connect community members in a fun and safe environment. Our Life Skills Education program has been running in various iterations for over 20 years and has quite simply helped change people’s lives. From participants getting their children back, reconnecting with family and friends and making healthier choices, this ten week program is fantastic and highly recommended. We engage parents/carers and young people locally through our various programs and new friendships are formed, skills are learnt and people get inspired.

Building Better Lives!

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